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unnötige Infos und Bilder zum Smart Robot von elegoo

Elegoo Smart Robot v3.0


ELEGOO Smart Robot Car v3.0 Plus is an educational kit based on Arduino platform and designed for learn programming, electronics and robotic knowledge and get hands-on experiences. The robot comes around with an installed Software. We started to programm our own Software with the goal to drive by it´s own.








Controller                   ELEGOO R3

Programming             Arduino IDE,ELEGOO BLE TOOL

Input                           Infrared photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensor

Output                        Motor

Voltage                       7.4-8.4V (7.4V Lithium battery

Battery Hours            2 hours(line tracking mode)

Ranging solution       Infrared photoelectric sensor

                                               ultrasonic sensor


Motor                         DC geared motor 1:48

Communication        USB port, Bluetooth

I/O Ports                     I3, A0, A1, A2, A3

Dimensions                216*151*133mm

Weight                        808g


von Lukas Schadl, Dominik, Jakob, Mathias, Max, Lukas Herrmann



Erstellt: Lukas Herrmann (05.02.2020) Letzte Änderung: Lukas Herrmann (11.03.2020)